Author: Currie, J. and Anderson, L. Publication Year: 2013
Summary: A review of the educational experience between a student and mentor in achieving the educational outcomes of 'Tomorrow's Doctors'.
Description: Medical education is under growing scrutiny to deliver a cadre of professional and competent doctors. Rising healthcare expectations from patients, professionals and the general public alongside contemporary forces at global and national levels have garnered a new era of discussion of the sort of doctors that society would like; many are beginning to question whether the social contract between doctors and society is requiring rewriting. This paper describes an educational experience between a student and a mentor in which the educational outcomes of 'Tomorrow's Doctors' were achieved by the student during a year out of undergraduate medical training. The authors reflect on this experience and argue for an engaged conversation between educationalists, practitioners and the public on how medicine can reposition itself in the 21st Century context.
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