Author: Osterberg L., Schillinger E., and Tai-Edmonds J. Publication Year: 2014
Summary: This study takes a look at the Educators for CARE (E4C) Program at Stanford University School of Medicine and discusses Learning Communities.
Description: Members of Learning Communities (LCs) share common values and beliefs and actively engage in learning together. LCs are becoming increasingly common, primarily as a method for curriculum delivery, but also as an organizing structure for medical student advising. The authors describe the learning community at Stanford University School of Medicine, Educators for CARE (E4C), and outline how this LC structure has benefitted both students and faculty in the context of social learning theory. The E4C program has been instrumental in developing students’ clinical skills and maintaining their empathy, and improving the faculty’s sense of community, teaching abilities and job satisfaction. Based on our experience developing the E4C program, we offer insights on starting LCs, including benefits and potential challenges.
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