Author: Larsen T. and Beier-Holgersen R. Publication Year: 2014
Summary: This study looks at training medical students to use non-verbal communication like the conductor of an orchestra.
Description: Conducting an orchestra is predominantly non-verbal. The conductor leads the orchestra using body language and his eyes. If his conducting reaches all the musicians in the orchestra, the magic of the music emerges. The question is whether it is possible to apply some of the skills of a conductor to team management in an emergency medical situation in a way which makes sense for students and junior doctors.
Method: In order to explain to the students how to take control as a team leader, communicate more effectively and work well in a team, the conductor described the skills required to conduct an orchestra. He explained how to use eye contact, body language and gestures and set the students two musical exercises to perform and then gave individual feedback on their performance. These skills were then transferred to a simulated medical emergency situation in which every student was given the opportunity to play the team leader.

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