Author: Gubareva A.E Publication Year: 2012
Summary: Medical education struggles with effective integration of basic sciences into undergraduate programmes. This paper addresses how, “The creative personality”, can be used to stimulate self –learning, discussing its implementation in the Biochemistry dept of Moscow I.M. Sechenov Medical University.
Description: The author had created and for several years has been developing the educational programme “The creative personality” for capable students in Biochemistry Department of Moscow I. Sechenov Medical University. The programme is intended for able and motivated students, and lasts for a year when the medical students study biochemistry. - The active conduct of teaching and upbringing work is the main point of contextual education. The main purposes of teachers, working in this programme, are to educate the students to produce only high quality products of their labor, to work in cooperation with other specialists, to stimulate curiosity of students and the ability for creative kind of work.
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