Author: Yalcin B.M., Unal M., Pirdal H., and Selcuk Y. Publication Year: 2014
Summary: This paper is based on a class the authors designed which is entitled “Medicine in Science Fiction”.
Description: The authors designed a class titled “Medicine in Science Fiction” in the Medicine in the Future selective rotation (for 3 weeks) of 40 first-year students at the Ondokuz Mayis University Medical Faculty. This class consisted of presentations, discussion sessions and a group project. Students attended active presentations enriched by various clips from science-fiction movies. These were selected based on their scientific value, questioning important ethical problems or challenging the development of technology, or just because they are popular. In the discussion sessions students evaluated these clips in terms of whether they are logical, whether or not they conflict with the general laws of science, and whether they are compatible with daily medical procedures or ethical principles. Finally, the students prepared group presentations concerning a science fictional medical technology and the obstacles (scientific or ethical problems, etc.) to this being developed today.
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