Author: Torrie P.A.G, Berstock J.R, Hayward E.B.S and Bannister G.C Publication Year: 2012
Summary: The purposes of this study is to determine whether the senior author affects the probability of achieving a peer-reviewed publication and the effect the senior author has upon the quality of publication.
Description: Peer-reviewed publications have always been a strong differentiators and an important prerequisite amongst surgical candidates applying at all grades (Dawson 1996; Evans 2007; Soyer 2011). With increasing competition amongst junior and middle grade trainees, there is an ever-growing expectation and requirement for publication (George 2009). 9 Currently Trauma and Orthopedic trainees in our region are recommended by their ARCP panels to achieve at least one publication per year of training.
The aims of this study were to identify whether the choice of senior author affects a trainee’s chance of achieving a peer-reviewed publication, the quality of the publication and to identify whether the number of absolute publications when applying for consultancy has changed.

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