Author: Szabó Z, Harangi M, Nylander E, Theodorsson A and Davidson B Publication Year: 2014
Summary: This paper reports a survey on how PBL is perceived by tutors.
Description: Introduction: This paper reports a survey on how PBL is perceived by tutors. A questionnaire including 45 questions answered on a Likert-type scale, and an open question was constructed. The aim was to identify factors that tutors believe promote or impede student learning. All faculty tutors (116) teaching five different student semester cohorts at our medical college during the Spring Term of 2013 were included. Seventy-four tutors responded (64%).

Methods: Descriptive statistics, explorative factor analysis.

Results: Factor analysis identified five factors which explained 52 % of the variation. These factors were: PBL as a pedagogic method; tutoring problem analysis in the group; barriers to student learning; the tutor´s role in the group; and the relationship between theory and practice. The model as a whole showed high reliability (Chrombach´s alpha = 0,81). When responding to the open question, the tutors suggested organizational changes, improvement in tutor competence, clear goals in the curriculum, and smaller tutorial groups/miscellaneous.

Conclusions: The tutors’ approach adhered to classical PBL methodology, and they considered it to be a good instrument for student learning. The tutorial group was seen as promoting learning. Problems related to group dynamics and tutor competence were considered a hindrance to learning.

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