Author: Levine S Publication Year: 2015
Summary: This paper explores the efforts of International Medical Corps (IMC) when in 2011 they tried to expand support to hospitals throughout Benghazi, Libya during an eight month period of conflict.
Description: How do you make the most impact in a single medical mission? by focusing on education and capacity building. International Medical Corps (IMC) deployed an emergency response team to Libya on February 24, 2011 and was one of the first international NGOs to arrive in Benghazi on February 27. Over the next year as the eight month war waged on, efforts expanded to support hospitals throughout the country. What follows is an internist’s account of a volunteer mission in Sabha, Libya in January 2012. The mission included delivering systems based practice lectures to senior attendings and the development of a short physical diagnosis course for medical students. The work provides insights about the medical education needs of the Libyan medical community. Approaching medical mission work from an educational capacity building perspective can have long term rewards both for the recipient health system and for the missioner.
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