Author: Rios N, Zhang T and R Stewart R Publication Year: 2012
Summary: This paper, focuses on medical student community service and the resulting benefits for the community and the students themselves by reviewing a model mentoring program for underprivileged youth.
Description: Service-learning activities can greatly enhance medical student awareness of community issues affecting health care. With the Liaison Committee on Medical Education’s 2007 adoption of an accreditation standard requiring availability of service-learning opportunities for medical students, there have been many reports of formal curricular programs that have been developed, but less has been described for the benefits of volunteering through community-based organizations. Here we describe the partnership between The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Incentive Mentoring Program to work with underperforming high school students who confront significant barriers outside of the classroom, and the personal and professional growth that medical students can gain from first-hand experiences in their community.
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