Author: Sweet L. R. and Held M. R. Publication Year: 2014
Summary: This paper looks at the author’s development of a Global Child Health Elective.
Description: Background:
Few formal training programmes provide physicians with the skills and mentorship necessary to become global paediatricians. In response to this need, the author’s piloted a Global Child Health Elective for paediatric interns interested in a career in global child health.

The month-long elective consisted of didactic, interactive and immersion experiences. Core topics were introduced through a series of didactic lectures and case-based discussions. Learners engaged in interactive sessions on leadership, management and communication skills, participated in workshops on developing community-based health initiatives, and visited refugee communities in Hartford, Connecticut. A one-week cultural immersion experience in Guatemala highlighted inequalities encountered globally. Participants completed a pre- and post-elective global health knowledge exam and self-assessment of advocacy skills and ability to identify resources.

Mean scores (n=8) on the knowledge pre-test and post-test were 48% (SD 12.0) and 75% (SD 7.5) respectively (p-value <0.001). Learners reported gaining significant knowledge and skills during the elective and increased confidence in their ability to improve child health locally and globally.

This comprehensive curriculum provides pediatric interns with global health knowledge, skills and experiences and may serve as one model for training residents to become global pediatricians.

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