Author: Mahoney S and Yong T Publication Year: 2013
Summary: Community based medical education in Australian health care settings has been limited by a perception that patients would be unwilling to accept the presence of medical students. In this study a survey was developed and administered anonymously to patients.
Description: The future of CBME is constrained by a number of factors, including clinical supervisor workload and funding arrangements to support clinical teaching. In the Australian health workforce culture there is another constraint: the perception that patients are not happy to have students involved in their private health care. This study seeks to determine patients’ views about medical students learning in settings outside of public teaching hospitals. The findings of this study will help to determine if there is scope for further expansion of CBME, or whether clinical teaching should remain in the public teaching hospital and general practice arenas. This is important information for new urban CBME programs such as the Onkaparinga Clinical Education Program in suburban Adelaide, which relies heavily on clinical placements in private specialist practice as well as in general practice (Mahoney et al, 2012).
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