Author: Lees M Publication Year: 2012
Summary: As interns progress through their first postgraduate year, it is expected that they will learn new skills and grow in confidence. This study aimed to determine if self-reported confidence in emergency clinical skills varies, depending on when an intern undertakes a term in Emergency Medicine.
Description: Emergency Medicine is a core term for interns in Australia and is supported by key national bodies including the AMA (Australian Medical Association, 2011) as well as ACEM (Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, 2004). As a core term, Emergency Medicine is valuable in the development of key clinical skills for intern (Australian Medical Association, 2007, Marel et al., 2000). However, ‘little is known about patterns of clinical skills acquisition among junior doctors undertaking clinical training in the early postgraduate period’(Marel et al., 2000).
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