Author: Nielsen A., Torring B., and Hansen S. Publication Year: 2014
Summary: This paper looks at integrating communication skills training in the curricula of 5 healthcare professions: nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, radiography and midwifery.
Description: Structured training of communication skills are needed in undergraduate healthcare education in order to prepare the future professionals to cooperate with patients. Often education in communication is not integrated in the curriculum – making it seem a side activity of less importance for professionals. In the effort of integrating communication skills training in the undergraduate curricula of nursing, radiography, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and midwifery, the authors established a communication skills laboratory and arranged a 5 day course for communication teachers from all 5 educational programs at University College North Denmark.

After the course communication skills training was offered at least once during every 3 and a half year programme and after 3 years this is retained and in some cases developed further. The combination of getting a room where to train and developing the skills to train the students made it feasible to make communication skills training part of the curriculum in all 5 health care education programmes.

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