Author: Gill J.D., Reeves F., Myatt A., Adeyoju A.A., Symons S.J., Browning A.J. & Biyani C.S. Publication Year: 2014
Summary: This paper explores incorporating simulation in residential operating courses.
Description: Residential operating courses offer a unique opportunity for trainees to develop their technical skills under the guidance and supervision of a faculty of experts in the field. The aim of this study was to explore a new model for a residential operating day and assess impact on faculty and trainees. Method - The residential course lasted three full days. One was dedicated to simulation and the other two to operating. All 4 candidates were asked to perform a laparoscopic nephrectomy on a LapMentor, flexible ureteroscopy and lasertripsy on UroMentor, percutaneous nephrostomy on PercMentor and laparoscopic pyeloplasty on a porcine kidney. Prior to laparoscopic pyeloplasty, a ‘warm-up’ suturing exercise was done on a chicken leg in the form of a Y-V plasty. In addition, to assess non-technical skills, two scenarios were done on SimMan 3G.
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