Author: Samuel S. Publication Year: 2014
Summary: This paper looks at how to design a comprehensive lesson plan.
Description: Lesson planning is an indispensible element of constructive teaching-learning process providing the instructor with a coherent framework of teaching and assisting with the smooth flow of the lesson. It is essential for medical educators to be mindful of the characteristics of a sound lesson plan and be well- informed of the pre- requisites of creating a good lesson plan. Robert Gagne a renowned American psychologist has done a remarkable job in the field of instructional designing. He organized the critical steps of lesson planning into nine events which he termed as events of instruction. By adhering to these steps one can achieve the targets set for constructing a sound lesson plan. Gagne in his theory focuses mainly on the outcomes and how following these steps can influence the student learning behaviours. Instructional designing gives structure to the lesson and positively influences the student learning.
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