Author: Leo J., May K., and Bird A. Publication Year: 2014
Summary: This study looked at evaluating a pilot model of clinical placement for expanding podiatry student capacity within a public hospital
Description: To meet the increased demand for entry-level podiatry public sector placements a partnership was formed between a public hospital and a university to develop, pilot, and evaluate a model of clinical placement. An evaluation framework was designed with three key objectives; to determine whether the model (1) increased capacity for student placements; (2) ensured quality placements; and (3) increased students’ awareness of the public health service. Key elements of the model included formulation of defined clinical competencies, exploration of non-traditional learning environments, formal preparation for clinicians as supervisors, and multidisciplinary placements. A mixed-methods evaluation was conducted involving collection of survey responses and qualitative focus group feedback from students and clinical educators.
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