Author: Arawi T and Berri N Publication Year: 2015
Summary: This paper discusses the implementation of “Physicians, Patients and Society” courses in a curriculum with the aim of providing future physicians with the tools to become healers in the art of medicine and not just practitioners in its science.
Description: Contemporary medicine is said to be faltering in fulfilling its internal ends which aims at caring for the whole person. Physicians have assumed the role of “skilled technicians” who attempt at treating the diseases, often ignoring the person who has the disease. At the American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine (AUBFM), we introduced the Physicians, Patients and Society (PPS) course series in an attempt at graduating physician healers who look at patients multidimensionally as individuals with an illness instead of a disease to be cured. This article describes PPS-2, one of the four PPS courses required to medical students at the AUBFM. PPS-2 comprises four modules: 1) Palliative Care and the Whole Patient 2) Spirituality in Medicine 3) Bioethics and Patient Care and 4) Caring Spotlight Experience 2 (CSE-2).

Upon completion of the course, students expressed different perceptions of illness and their duty in patient care. We hope that PPS-2 will ensure future physicians appreciate their role in making the patient feel better, regardless of whether there is a cure or not and to appreciate that, in order to live up to its ideal, the profession of medicine will have to work by a new formula: M=EC2.

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