Author: Palaoğlu Ö, Demirören M, Aytuğ-Koşan AM, Kemahlı S Publication Year: 2012
Summary: This paper suggests that assessment should be carried out when a curriculum change is considered by a medical school.
Description: Core curriculum is defined as the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are to be mastered by all students. It is considered to be only a part of the whole medical curriculum. Core curriculum can be defined at various levels, i.e., global, national and institutional. Policy analysis is a formal discipline within the field of education. It is devoted to the stimulation of informed and systematic debate, analysis,research, evaluation and recommendations concerning educational policy, as well as political, legal and fiscal matters related to education. The policy analysis approach has been defined under 12 components. The core curriculum was developed in a medical school and later a national core curriculum was defined by a similar methodology. The core curriculum defining process and the final document produced, was analyzed under these 12 headings This approach has provided a good review of the core curriculuım development process and thus a sound feedback. We feel that such an assessment should be been carried out when a change regarding curriculum is considered in a medical school.
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