Author: Lumsden, R. Publication Year: 2014
Summary: This paper explores communication and skills competence using GOPRO camera technology with radiography students.
Description: There has been a growing interest in using simulation equipment for purposes of improving clinical skills, communication, patient care and patient safety through a variety of applications. Adopting simulation strategies takes many factors into account including; program needs, logistics, physical space and cost. The cost to enhance role play simulation in the Mohawk-McMaster (Mo-Mac) collaborative medical radiation science (MRSc) program through audio visual means by mounting fixed bubble ceiling cameras in the state of the art diagnostic imaging lab was prohibitive at $10,000 per x-ray suite. In the case of this study, a new and innovative solution was required and thanks to a grant from McMaster’s Centre for Leadership in Learning (CLL), the radiographic simulation video project (RSVP) using GOPRO technology was born.

The aim of this study was to investigate the use of GOPRO technology to enhance communication and skills competence for level 2 radiography students. On-line 14-item survey tool was used to record student perceptions of the GOPRO, and meta-analysis based on relative risk calculated. Communication assessment and skills 1 competence scores as well as attrition rates were compared to previous year.

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