Author: Smith J.P. and Wright C.A Publication Year: 2014
Summary: This paper looks into the literature of Bedside Teaching with a focus on the decline of it and the reasons behind its decline.
Description: The utilisation of bedside teaching in medical education has decreased over the past 5 decades, yet the practice continues to be widely viewed as a necessary part of medical training. Bedside teaching allows for training and evaluation in history-taking, physical examination, professionalism, empathy, communication skills, and the psychosocial aspects of medicine, some of which occurs through role modelling. The goal of this review is to summarise the available literature on the decline of bedside teaching and discuss the cause of this decline. In addition, the authors attempt to combine expert opinion with a number of published survey results of patients, trainees, and attendings to make recommendations on how to return to the bedside. Future research on bedside teaching should focus on documenting objective evidence of the educational and patient care benefits of bedside teaching.
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