Author: Smalldridge A, Sykes M and Morowa H Publication Year: 2013
Summary: Few studies have explored the education and training needs of immigrant physicians. This paper describes the development of a new model of delivering problem based clinical reasoning skills teaching to IMGs practicing in the UK.
Description: As tutors of overseas-trained (refugee) doctors who are studying for the General Medical Council’s PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board) examination, we have become increasingly aware of some differences in approach to dealing with clinical problems, specifically in clinical reasoning. To address these learning needs a Problem-based learning (PBL) style approach was chosen and weekly sessions instituted. Several interesting issues have emerged and we have modified the delivery of the sessions to address these. This paper presents a discussion of the rationale for the choice of a relatively novel teaching method for this group and the learning needs we have uncovered through using a PBL style approach.
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