Author: Huckle J and Devine S Publication Year: 2013
Summary: This paper addresses the educational benefits of inter-professional workshops with simulated patients (SPs) involving two specifically developed professional scenarios, one in radiography and one in audiology.
Description: The School of Healthcare, University of Leeds has adopted an inter-professional workshop model involving simulated patients which has been used by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Leeds.

This paper addresses the educational benefits of such workshops involving specific radiography and audiology professional scenarios. The aim of the workshops was to improve inter professional collaboration and team work.

One radiography student and one audiology student volunteered to take part in a professional scenario with a simulated patient. Following each scenario, the volunteer was asked to reflect on ‘what went well’, and ‘what could have been done differently’? They shared this with the whole group and workshop members were invited to give constructive feedback, using the same questions. At the end of each workshop, student feedback was obtained using questionnaires.

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