Author: Lazaris, A.C., Seiwerth, S.,Pavlakis, K., Papaliodi, E., Vrasidas, C., Brcic, L., Smeets, A., Armenski, G., Gusev, M. and van Krieken, J.H.J.M. Publication Year: 2013
Summary: An overview of the HIPON “E-modules on HistoPathology” Project , launched in 2013.
Description: Teaching strategies used for pathology and the methods used to assess learning have been discussed for a long time and new-style pathology courses are being developed. The HIPON E-modules on HistoPathology was launched in 2013 to provide a teaching instrument for medical students, trainee pathologists and professionals on the proper way to approach tissue specimens, to recognize patterns of injury and correlate them with both the underlying mechanisms of disease and the clinical data. The idea behind it is to document and communicate professional experience through an online, case-based learning platform taking advantage of modern image technology. This paper presents an overview of the development of this project.
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