Author: Rose C, Tolosa I, and Skelton J Publication Year: 2013
Summary: This paper suggests the benefits of investing in CPD for senior hospital staff.
Description: ABSTRACT

Methods: The following paper reports on the qualitative analysis of reflective practice interviews undertaken with nine consultant oncologists as part of a 360-degree (multisource feedback) CPD project. A private face-to-face interview was conducted with each participant. Results were analysed qualitatively using thematic analysis.

Results: Consultants’ reflections were categorised into four themes: 1) The difficulties of engaging in reflective practice; 2) Self-appraisal based on reflection on behaviour; 3) Identifying key principles and beliefs underlying practice; 4) Power and its limits. Consultants often found reflective practice difficult, particularly when discussing instances in which they had behaved unsupportively towards staff or patients, or when experiencing work-related distress. Through reflection, good practice was validated and areas for potential change identified. Interviews revealed personal values underlying practice and leadership style, as well as the power of the consultants' position, and the difficulties and conflicts this power entailed. The interviewer played an active role in prompting and extending reflection and discussion on practice.

Discussion: The authors conclude that provision of confidential, reflective practice interviews may be useful in enabling consultants to gain insight into their leadership behaviour and identify areas for development and change

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