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The need to publish in order to demonstrate scholarship is a challenge for medical and health professions educators. Similarly, the rapid increase in the number of submissions to health professions journals in recent years makes the selection of papers for publication even more difficult, and many interesting and well-written papers are rejected due to space constraints.
AMEE MedEdPublish (ISSN 2312-7996) is AMEE’s exciting, innovative, open-access e-journal designed to help members of the medical and health professions education community to publish their work and receive reviews and comments from experts and peers. Papers are published rapidly after a “light touch” screening to ensure they meet minimum standards. The peer review process starts following publication, with reviews from the panel of reviewers and the health professions education community more widely. As well as publishing your own papers, MedEdPublish offers the chance to share your views on the work of others.

AMEE MedEdPublish features:
  • Rapid publication with post-publication review, comments and star ratings of papers together with recommendations by a review panel
  • A wide variety of papers including original articles, case studies, practical tips and guidelines, systematic reviews, commentaries, letters reflecting what is happening in the discipline from many countries around the world
  • Reviews and comments from the health professions community more widely
  • A transparent review process
  • An opportunity to highlight innovations and to explore their potential
  • Encouragement to share good practice and views in health professions education
There are three levels of access to MedEdPublish:
  1. All may browse the website and search for papers
  2. Registered users may post reviews and comments at no charge
  3. AMEE individual and student members may submit free of charge as part of their membership fee. There is a charge of £90 per submission for non members.
For more information on AMEE MedEdPublish, the upcoming themed issues and how you can participate, visit the or contact [email protected]