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AMEE MedEdPublish

AMEE MedEdPublish (ISSN 2312-7996) is an e-journal which offers an easy-to-search open access resource of papers relevant to the field of medical education with peer review following publication.

Here you can search for Volume 1-4 papers. Volume 5 onwards will be available on the AMEE MedEdPublish website.

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Use of the communication assessment tool (CAT) in undergraduate family medicine posting: Comparing self-assessment of medical students with assessments given by their tutors and simulated patient (Published 2012)

Using the CAT assessment tool this paper will discuss what differences and similarities exist between tutors’ scores and students’ self-assessment scores, and between tutors’ scores and simulated patient’s scores, in a communication role-play scenario.

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Integrating Medical Education: Teaching First Year Medical Students About the Influenza Vaccine (Published 2012)

Medical students need to be educated about influenza vaccination, because of their interaction with patients. The aims of this paper were to identify factors influencing vaccination, design an experiential educational intervention and evaluate the impact on the knowledge and attitudes.

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Publish or Perish – How to avoid perishing? An analysis of factors affecting peer-reviewed publication (Published 2012)

The purposes of this study is to determine whether the senior author affects the probability of achieving a peer-reviewed publication and the effect the senior author has upon the quality of publication.

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Inter Emergency skill confidence vs. term (Published 2012)

As interns progress through their first postgraduate year, it is expected that they will learn new skills and grow in confidence. This study aimed to determine if self-reported confidence in emergency clinical skills varies, depending on when an intern undertakes a term in Emergency Medicine.

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Core Curriculum Policy Analysis in Medical Education (Published 2012)

This paper suggests that assessment should be carried out when a curriculum change is considered by a medical school.

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