Closing date: Aug 31, 2020
Description: Under the leadership of the dean of the School of Medicine, the vice-dean shall be fully in charge of undergraduate programs and medical teaching and clinical training of the school, formulating strategic plans for the educational development for the relevant disciplines of the school and implementing such plans. The vice-dean shall focus on discipline integration and innovation, promote medical education development and teaching reform in the school, innovate medical talent training model, improve the quality of training, foster outstanding talents with an international vision and strong professional capability and professional proficiency, so as to build a domestic high-end medical training institution; The vice-dean shall build a high-level faculty, vigorously introduce and cultivate high-level teaching talents, strengthen team building, build a high-level innovative discipline team, so as to form a faculty with belief, moral, knowledge, and benevolence; The vice-dean shall establish and promote multi-level teaching and clinical training cooperation with hospitals under or affiliated to SUSTech and cooperative hospitals and assist in the planning and design of the medical teaching functions of the building of the School of Medicine; The vice-dean shall actively promote the preparation of the joint medical school project with King's College London and promote in-depth educational cooperation in a number of medical disciplines.
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