Closing date: Aug 15, 2020
Description: ROLE PROFILE

Title: Faculty, Institute of Global Health Equity Research Head: Research Projects and Training
Rank: To be determined
Reports to: Director, IGHER
Location: Kigali
Role Purpose: Contribute to IGHER’s research, and research training program by leading: the growth of programs in research consisting of multiple and varied research projects; and the development and delivery of a suite of research related education and training programs.

The Head, Research Projects and Training (RP&T) is a position of pivotal operational importance for IGHER. The Head & will lead the expansion of UGHE’s research activities and the growth of the IGHER research agenda through proactive engagement of faculty and engagement with external collaborators, stakeholders, and partners. The Head RP&T will also identify and create education and training opportunities and will lead the design and development of engaging courses and programs. Specifically, the main responsibilities of the position will be to:

1. Teaching and Training (20%)

Contribute to research related teaching in UGHE’s Academic Programs;
Identify research education and training priorities and needs and lead the development of appropriate research courses and programs; and
Support in building the research capacity of UGHE faculty to not only conduct research, but also teach research.

2. Research (35%)
Develop, design, and conduct research projects consistent with IGHER and UGHE strategic priorities;
Actively identify and communicate appropriate funding opportunities for UGHE Faculty;
Assist UGHE Faculty in the preparation of successful research funding applications; and
Assume a leading role in all aspects of obtaining and managing competitive research funding.

3. Administration and Leadership (40%)
Work closely with the Director, IGHER to ensure the ongoing efficient and effective operation of IGHER;
Lead the development of systematic approaches to demonstrating and assessing research dissemination and impact;
Advise, mentor, and supervise UGHE staff and students in research and research related education and training initiatives;
Actively engage Faculty, particularly junior faculty, in programs of research that are of strategic benefit to UGHE and IGHER;
Lead the development, delivery, and promotion of research related education and training initiatives; and
Take the lead in the recruitment of other IGHER staff and faculty.

4. University and Community Service (5%)
Contribute to UGHE committees, working groups, and other initiatives that are of operational and strategic benefit to UGHE through active participation and leadership; and
Actively participate and assume leadership roles in community groups and professional organizations and societies that are of operational and strategic benefit to UGHE.
The following qualifications and experience are regarded as the minimum requirements to excel in this position:

Minimum of a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS or MD), with a demonstrable additional qualification and experience in research, and research related experience for more than 5 years; or
PhD in a health science/research field and research experience post the award of the PhD for more than 5 years;
Evidence of obtaining research income through competitive funding programs;
Evidence of leading successful completion of funded scientific and clinical research projects;
Evidence of publishing research in scientific journals;
Demonstrated computer literacy, with proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite and Google suite;
Evidence of extensive experience in health especially with regard to health equity and social justice;
Evidence of advanced written and verbal English communication skills;
Evidence of exceptional creativity, ethical standards, and motivation;
Demonstrated ability to work efficiently and productively both independently and as a leader of teams;
Demonstrated ability to pay attention to detail and quality;
Track record of outstanding academic excellence;
Demonstrated understanding and familiarity with different grant systems including international funding organisations such as the NIH, Wellcome Trust etc.;
Demonstrated ability and experience to peer-review research proposals and manuscripts; and
Demonstrated ability to use specific computer programs for developing research models, analyzing data, or creating and managing databases.
Minimum of a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS or MD), with a demonstrable additional qualification and experience in research, and research related experience for more than 5 years; or
PhD in a health science/research field and research experience post the award of the PhD for more than 5 years;
The successful applicant will have:
A sophisticated understanding of, and demonstrated commitment to, global health equity;
An advanced understanding of research and research processes including the ethical conduct of research;
Expert skills in data collection and data analysis;
An advanced understanding of research methods including quantitative and qualitative designs;
Outstanding written and verbal communication skills with a sustained, proven ability to secure competitive research funding and publish research articles in scientific journals;
Extensive experience in curriculum design and delivery at undergraduate and postgraduate levels;
Extensive experience at successfully identifying, developing, and delivering engaging professional training programs and courses for health professionals including health system managers;
Advanced high-level computer skills with demonstrated proficiency in a range of standard software programs;
Exemplary organizational skills;
A highly developed ability to work to deadlines and schedules both independently and when leading teams; and
A highly effective ability to work flexibly and to engage and lead colleagues as well as external contributors.
Competitive salary based on experience
Great working environment that allows one to reach their greatest potential.
Prospective career growth opportunities.
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