Closing date: May 31, 2020
Description: Applications are invited for the position of Director of Medical Education (Clinical Dean), within the School of Clinical Medicine. Reporting to the Head of the School, the Regius Professor of Physic, the Clinical Dean will be a key member of the School's senior leadership team, and will work to provide leadership and strategic direction for medical education in Cambridge.
The teaching of medicine at the University of Cambridge dates back to 1540, and the Clinical School itself opened its doors in 1976. While patient-centred learning remains, as always, at the heart of modern medical education, research in the ever-widening field of biomedical science shapes the extensive opportunities for rich clinical grounding and experience in clinical research, that our students are able to take advantage of. From the first direct measurement of blood pressure to the unravelling of the complexities of DNA and the discovery of monoclonal antibodies, Cambridge Medicine - and its practitioners and researchers - have been in the spotlight. We have a strong commitment to inspirational and innovative medical education, and we endeavour to nurture individuals who will become exceptional in their fields.
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