Closing date: Sep 30, 2019
Description: This position is an essential member of the UME staff and is responsible for assisting OHSU medical students in all years and both phases of their undergraduate medical education, by developing, enhancing, and maintaining programming and services to optimize academic success. Responsibilities include:

Student Advising, Tutoring, and Support
• Identify and assist individual at-risk medical students who could benefit from additional academic support services
• Provide individual students with referrals to appropriate University and School personnel
• Lead all aspects of the UME tutoring program, including identifying, training, and tracking of peer and faculty tutors and monitoring of the services provided, as well as maintaining fiscal authority and oversight of the UME tutoring budget

Educational Development, Training, and Support
• Development and delivery of proactive education, academic support programming, and posting of materials that are generalizable to all medical students in the program
• Develop and deliver training to UME faculty educational leaders and teachers, Portfolio Coaches, and UME staff regarding best practices in supporting the academic success of medical students

Program Compliance
• Collaborate with the ADUME to ensure OHSU UME program compliance
• Maintain compliance with all Office of UME policies and procedures associated with medical student education

Cultivation of Partnerships and Collaborations
• Regularly attend the monthly Foundations of Medicine Sub-Committee meetings and the monthly Core Clinical Experience Directors Sub-Committee meetings. Partner with educational leaders and UME staff members at these meetings to assist struggling students in both phases of their undergraduate medical education
• Collaborate with University personnel in support of overall academic success for learners in all OHSU educational programs

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