Starting date: Jun 22, 2020 Ending date: Jun 26, 2020 Location: Copenhagen, DK Venue: Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation
Summary: The AMEE Simulation Committee would like to bring to your attention the CAMES five-day intensive course on how to develop, implement, and run evidence-based simulation-based training programmes, run by Leizl Joy Nayahangan. Description: How many have simulators (expensive or otherwise) standing in the corner or at the basement of their training centres, gathering dust?

The Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation (CAMES) Surgical Simulation Masterclass is a five-day intensive course designed to teach leaders and medical educators on how to develop, implement and run evidence-based simulation-based training programmes following a structured approach. It follows Kern’s 6-step approach to curriculum development within medical education- from general and targeted needs assessments, formulation of goals and objectives, identification of educational strategies, implementation, and evaluation and feedback.

The simulation masterclass consists of interactive lectures, workshops, group presentations and hands-on-training. Together with our faculty and top researchers, we will share our experiences, the mistakes we’ve made and the lessons we learned through the years. We will discuss different educational strategies that the participants can adapt according to their local context. CAMES is one of the leading research units in technical simulation. We will talk about research and how to develop evidence-based training programmes.

The masterclass is held in Copenhagen every year during the summer. Join us at the next CAMES Simulation Masterclass on the 22-26 June 2020.

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