Starting date: Oct 02, 2021 Ending date: Sep 25, 2024 Location: London/Virtual, GB Venue: Imperial College London
Summary: These courses use intensive online teaching, discussion and academic work to challenge and develop your thinking and practice as a surgical educator. Educational themes tailored to the unique features of surgical practice are explored throughout. Description: These courses aim to challenge your thinking and develop your practice as a surgical educator. You will develop your theoretical and practical understanding of surgical education and the judgment needed to innovate in this important and growing field.

They will be of interest to those involved in the education of students and trainees in interventional and surgical specialities.

Mode of delivery:

Choice of distance and blended programmes (with exit points available at PG Cert and Diploma)

Pathway 1 – Fully Online Postgraduate Diploma

On this pathway you will complete the Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma entirely online. After completing these you can move on to the blended MEd, which offers a blend of online and on-campus learning.

Pathway 2 – Blended Postgraduate Diploma

On this pathway, you will complete the Postgraduate Certificate online, while the Postgraduate Diploma will be delivered in a blended format of on campus and online modules. As with the other pathway, the MEd stage is in a blended format.


If you are a senior in your ‘first’ profession, these courses could represent professionalisation for a role you may have taken on without full and appropriate academic training.

As a graduate, you will be well positioned to take increased educational responsibility in universities, trusts and professional bodies, and influence policy and practice. You will also be empowered to carry out research in surgical education, and will have have a solid foundation to go on to study an MD or PhD.
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