Starting date: Jul 06, 2019 Ending date: Jul 20, 2019 Location: Amsterdam, NK Venue: Vrije Universiteit
Summary: A summer course for anyone interested in qualitative research. On successful completion, participants will be awarded 3 credits at Masters level of the ECTS. Description: When you think of healthcare research, randomized controlled trials, numbers, calculations, and p-values might spring to mind. But did you know there is a different way to do research? In qualitative health (education) research, the experiences, opinions, behaviours, and feelings of patients, healthcare professionals, medical educators, and students are the main topics of interest. Qualitative research focuses on why humans behave in certain ways and on how behavioural mechanisms work. As a qualitative researcher, your own experience and intuition play an important part in your work, which is reflected in the process of gathering and analysing data. However, when you embark on your qualitative research journey, you could be dazzled and overwhelmed by the many options available to you. In this summer school course, you will find out more about qualitative research and become acquainted with a few specific approaches.
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