Starting date: Nov 29, 2021 Ending date: Nov 30, 2026 Location: Salzburg, AT Venue: Virtual -
Summary: Medical training follows an apprenticeship model, so every clinician is an educator. In this course, we’ll show you how to structure your teaching in a way that makes learning effortless for your students. Think back to the great teachers you had and become one of them with this course. Description: This on-line on-demand course is divided into 4 chapters:

"1. Memory and Cognitive Load",

"2. Extraneous Processing",

"3. Essential Processing"

and "4. Generative Processing".

After attending this course, you´ll be able to:

• Help your learners understand even the most complex topics.

• Apply the latest findings on how to reduce cognitive load for your learners.

• Recognize mental models and how to help your learners build a strong web of mental models.

• Create great teaching videos that are produced using evidence-based principles.

• Engage your learners and make learning fun.

• Receive great feedback and reviews from your learners.
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