Starting date: Jun 01, 2020 Ending date: Jun 30, 2023 Location: Brisbane, AU Venue: External (online and on-campus)
Summary: This course is for health professionals who aspire to work in a leadership role in health education and research. Become a leader in improving clinical teaching and education research in all health professions including medicine, nursing, dentistry, and allied health. Description: Focus on teaching and learning in health contexts with specific strategies applicable to clinical settings. Develop knowledge and skills in teaching and learning in clinical contexts, educational technologies, assessment, evaluation, curriculum design, leadership and research based on evidence and relevant to your career in health. Take advantage of flexible, online delivery with consistent support from JCU’s outstanding teachers.

Help shape the future of health care. JCU Health Professional Education graduates have specialist education skills applicable to all clinical settings and contexts.

Consult the handbook for more information.

Career Opportunities

JCU’s Master of Health Professional Education (HPE) equip graduates with specialist educator skills that are applicable to a wide range of clinical and healthcare settings. Graduates have the advantage of a qualification in education in addition to their clinical discipline.

HPE is applicable to a range of healthcare settings. Graduates pursue careers in private and public hospitals; tertiary, rural and remote health services; and in community settings and clinics.

Graduates find work as educators in medicine, nursing, dentistry and all allied health professions. You could find employment as a lead clinical educator, supervisor or preceptor for health students in your discipline.

Graduates of the Master of Health Professional Education will be able to:

Demonstrate advanced and integrated knowledge of evidence-based teaching and learning strategies, assessment, evaluation and curriculum design at an advanced or “leader” level of practice

Investigate, analyse and synthesise theories and principles of health professional education to solve complex problems unique to regional, remote and tropical Australia with a high degree of autonomy, expert judgement, adaptability and responsibility

Develop leadership skills in the design and delivery of health professional education at a course, program and/or institutional level

Engage in research to critically evaluate, reflect on and apply new knowledge to the practice of health professional education

Demonstrate a high level of personal autonomy and accountability for own professional development in a leadership role in medical/health professional education

Conceptualise, interpret and justify principles, theories and methods of medical/health professional education for a variety of audiences at an advanced level of written and spoken English

Design, manage and conduct a research‐based project with professionalism and careful consideration for current ethical principles
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