Starting date: Oct 14, 2020 Ending date: Jun 17, 2022 Location: Barcelona, ES Venue: Medical School. University of Barcelona, Spain
Summary: Iti is a Blended/On-ine Master of the University of Barcelona distributed over 2 years academics. Designed by and for professionals interested in teaching who want formalize and structure their knowledge about education in order to complete your teaching skills. Description: The Master in Education for Health Sciences Professionals (MECS) is a Master blended / on-line * of the University of Barcelona's own degree, distributed over 2 academic years designed by and for professionals passionate about teaching who want formalize and structure your knowledge about education in order to complete your teaching skills.

The Master is addressed to Graduates in Health sciences (Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Bioengineering, Podiatry, Nutrition, Pharmacy, and others) that will obtain a "Master" degree. Health sciences professionals who do not have a university degree (Technicians from emergencies, simulation technicians and others) who will obtain a "Diploma of Extension University ”and not a Master's.

MECS comprehensively addresses the content necessary to carry out the functions teachers of design and planning, simulation, on-line learning, program evaluation and competencies as well as applying the principles of educational research.

MECS is divided into 4 major Modules (Experts) of 15ECTS of 4 months duration each one, plus a master's thesis / thesis. Each of them contains a complete area of knowledge What type of training? It is a blended master made up of an on-line training program combined with 3-day face-to-face immersion periods (2 periods for each expert).

* Due to the current situation COVID19 the face-to-face sessions of the Master will be taught dually in person and simultaneously through interactive video conference to contagion, therefore the MECS could be performed entirely online.
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