Starting date: Oct 26, 2021 Ending date: Jun 22, 2022 Location: Toronto, CA Venue: Virtual venue
Summary: Leading and Influencing Change in CPD is a certificate program designed to meet the needs of individuals who are responsible for promoting excellence, innovation, and change in continuing education initiatives for health professionals. Description: This program specifically aims to build leadership capacity by providing participants with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to lead continuing education initiatives for health professionals in today’s complex health care environment.
By the end of the program, we expect that participants will be able to:

Explore how the demands and forces of change in the health care environment have created opportunities and challenges to continuing health education providers

Apply best practices in CPD and change management principles to lead and implement new initiatives, and overcome barriers to change

Lead and implement new initiatives

Identify and lessen barriers to change

Foster collaboration and expand CPD networks

Lead and promote innovation in CPD

Identify opportunities for scholarship
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