Starting date: Mar 12, 2019 Ending date: Mar 14, 2019 Location: Boston, US;Massachusetts Venue: Harvard Medical School
Summary: The program will provide participants with insider perspectives from the front lines of health care and digital health. You will hear the future vision and insights from world-leaders and real-world lessons gained through implementation. Description: This program is designed to help bring focus to key stakeholders as they navigate the world of digital health over the next 18 months. This unique learning offering will provide insights into the trends and technologies that hold the most potential to truly transform health care. Participants will leave the program with new insights into the most promising areas of digital health in which to invest, research or build a company.

This program will feature an engaging mix of presentations and participant discussions across a wide range of digital health technologies and issues including:

Machine learning and artificial intelligence
Blockchain to address challenges facing payers, providers and Pharma
Moving to the cloud – security, efficiency and affordability
Mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT)
Analytics and tools to improve quality, safety and value
Precision medicine
Cybersecurity and emerging threats

Discussions in each topic area will be aligned with strategic challenges and opportunities in real-world health care, in order to yield concrete insights that help create real value for the industry.
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