Starting date: Jan 09, 2020 Ending date: Feb 06, 2020 Location: Huntington, West Virginia, US
Summary: The IAMSE Winter 2020 Webcast Audio Seminar Series - How is Health Science Education tackling the Opioid Epidemic? - will be held every Thursday from January 9 to February 6 at noon Eastern Time. Description: How is Health Science Education tackling the Opioid Epidemic?

The opioid epidemic poses a multifaceted challenge. Health Science education plays a significant role in combating this health care crisis. It has risen to the challenge with the development of innovative curricula in pain management and substance abuse. The Winter IAMSE web-based seminar series will provide a comprehensive synopsis of these efforts to respond to the crisis. After an introduction to the topic, the audience will learn about successful health science curricula that expand on existing coursework. Interprofessional education (IPE) is a crucial contributor to improved health outcomes and the series will include a presentation on IPE that addresses the opioid crisis. The series will include an introduction to curricula about alternative and non-pharmacological approaches to pain management and conclude with a presentation on issues of substance abuse from a student affairs perspective. At the conclusion of this series, participants will have an in-depth understanding of the current educational strategies in response to the opioid epidemic including challenges and opportunities. Furthermore, the series will provide hands-on tips for participants wishing to develop or expand existing pain management curricula within their institution.
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