Starting date: Mar 23, 2020 Ending date: Jun 12, 2020 Location: Dundee, GB
Summary: A high quality 12 week online course for teachers in the healthcare professions Description: The need for doctors, scientists and others involved with teaching in the healthcare professions to have training in teaching is widely recognised. The AMEE Essential Skills in Medical Education (ESME) Online course has been designed to meet this need. The course is aimed at those new to teaching and at teachers with years of experience who would like an update on current best practice and a greater understanding of the basic principles.

The course recognises that, with appropriate help, all teachers, even those with considerable experience, can improve their skills in teaching.

The award of the AMEE-ESME Certificate in Medical Education provides evidence of the participant’s interest in education and abilities as a teacher.

The highly successful ESME course has been offered since 2005 in relation to medical education conferences. Since 2012 the course has been offered online. All that is required to participate is access to a broadband internet connection.


The ESME Online course is delivered over 12 weeks and has six modules.

Introductory webinars by Professor Ronald Harden, where he provides an overview, introduces ideas and describes current thinking relating to the topic.

Take part in online discussions at a time convenient to you and apply the ideas and principles to your own teaching practice, facilitated by a course tutor. There is an option to join a Spanish or French speaking discussion group (limited availability - contact [email protected] for more information).

Access key resource material provided, including the ebook by Harden & Laidlaw ‘Essential Skills for a Medical Teacher: an introduction to teaching and learning in medicine’, 2nd Edition.

Complete a 300 to 500 word assignment for each module relating the module topic to your own practice.

Registration & Fees

ESME Online

Fees include access to interactive presentations, participation in an online discussion forum facilitated by a tutor, course resource materials including a copy of Harden & Laidlaw’s book, ‘Essential Skills for a Medical Teacher: an introduction to teaching and learning in medicine’, assessment of course work and, if the work is completed satisfactorily, the award of an AMEE-ESME Certificate in Medical Education.

Standard Fee (includes membership of AMEE) £545

Fee for AMEE members £475

Participants from countries less well resourced £285
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