Starting date: Oct 16, 2018 Ending date: Jun 18, 2019 Location: Toronto, CA Venue: Webinar Based
Summary: CPD Foundations is a webinar based certificate program designed for professionals working in medical education who are interested in learning how to build effective and successful continuing professional development programs. Description: This program is an exciting new initiative designed for professionals working within the field of CPD. It provides fundamental theory and skill training needed to ensure effectiveness and success of continuing professional development (CPD) activities. Its focus is on practical issues commonly experienced in the design, development and implementation of continuing health education (CHE). As a webinar-based program, participants will have an opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field and share their experiences with an international audience of learners.

Upon completion of the program participants will be able to:
• Create effective CPD initiatives based on best practices in the field;
• Gain competency in all areas of program planning and management;
• Understand and utilize curriculum design models to establish goals, objectives and outcome measures for their programs;
• Learn how to achieve high quality and bias free/balanced CPD program;
• Identify future trends in CPD and build better programs to improve healthcare outcomes.

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