Starting date: 13/09/2019 09:30:00 Ending date: 13/09/2019 16:00:00 Location: Sydney, Australia
Summary: Themes:
-Selection of medical students/trainees
-Teaching/assessment (including simulation) of psychology-based-skills in programs
-Medical student/junior doctor well-being & workplace relationships
-Aligning theory/language to inform approaches to education & research

Description: Students and junior doctors are expected to counsel and support patients, and face an arduous road in their training. Whether for entry to an undergraduate or graduate medical program, selection is a well-known and very considerable hurdle. Between four and six years of education follow prior to the award of a basic medical qualification, with a further period of up to ten years postgraduate training after that. Very significant barrier assessments are distributed throughout all levels of training. The academic rigours are often the focus of attention, such that in initial selection the historical view has been to select only the highest achieving students. Yet the psychological challenges are significant, and to date, under-represented in the discourse. The Psychology in Medical Education Symposium seeks to address this. Join us at UNSW Medicine where we invite you to be involved in shining a light on the full gamut of the psychological journey of medical trainees.

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