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Meet the MededWorld Team

Our Editor


Mandy Moffat has recently been appointed as the new Editor of MedEdWorld.  She will oversee the website and its content and will be looking at improving the site over the coming months.
Mandy is a Lecturer on the MMed Programme in the Centre for Medical Education (CME) at the University of Dundee.  She is involved in overseeing the daily running and ongoing development of different modules within the Programme. She also has a lead role for the support and development of a large pool of on-line tutors (approx. 40 individuals) who are based around the world. Her research interests are in how to develop sustainable networks to support medical educators in different contexts.
Mandy’s other love is Scottish fiddle which she started learning three years ago.

Mandy is supported by two Administrators, Liz and Jake.

Liz Beattie is responsible for organising and administration of the AMEE MedEdWorld Webinar series and uploading the information and recordings of them to the website.    Liz also deals with any queries and requests that are sent to the MedEdWorld mailbox and uploads courses, conference and other content to the website when requested.  She is also responsible for the administration of adverts on the site.

Jake is a MedEdWorld administrator who responsible for content sourcing and documentation, creating the AMEE MedEdWorld Newsletter and sending it out to members and subscribers. He also monitors MedEdWorld’s internal messaging system and tries to respond to any issues raised on the site which have not gone through the MedEdWorld inbox.