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All AMEE  members are invited to add content relevant to those involved in health professions education to the MedEdWorld website.

AMEE members are invited to promote their activities including information about Courses, Conferences, Job Opportunities and Publications by adding these items to the MedEdWorld website. This information is made available to all visitors to the site.

To add content follow the steps below or watch our Youtube video.

How to add content
1.    Log in using your AMEE username and password (this service is available to full members only);
2.    Select Add Content from the menu bar at the top of the page;
3.    An Add New Content window will open, select a category from the drop down menu;
4.    Once selected an Add New Content Form will appear, complete the fields (read the notes below for assistance);
5.    Spell check you item by clicking on the Spell Check button at the top of the add new content form (spell check will open in a new window);
6.    Once you are happy with your item click Save at the top of the content submission form;
7.    Once saved you will be able to edit your item should you wish to make a change. If your itme is nolonger visible the easiest way to locate the item is by entering the title of the item in the Search box.

Please note:

•    Copying and pasting titles from word documents into the title box can corrupt the url that will be generated for your item, to avoid this please type your title directly into the title box;
•    Fields marked with a (*) are mandatory. You will not be able to save your item unless you complete these fields;
•    Many items have a Summary field. This field is mandatory and can be a maximum of 300 characters long;
•    Members can only edit their own items;
•    If there is a problem with your submission that you are unable to edit please contact [email protected]

•    A well written summary and concise title will attract readers to your item.
•    Assist those interested in your item by providing a Link URL to any relevant websites where possible. This is particularly useful when listing courses, conferences, publications and resources.
•    If you provide a Link URL complete the Title - Link URL field so that readers know where the link will take them.
•    For most items the Description field is not mandatory but you are encouraged to use this field to expand on the activity and why you recommend it or who it may be particularly relevant to.
•    It is good practise to spell check your item.

Not sure where to start?
The MedEdWorld community are interested in news, conferences, courses, published and unpublished texts, resources, book reviews, and job opportunities in the field of medical education. If you are not sure where to list your item contact [email protected] for advice.

The administrator will be alerted to all new content on submission. Inappropriate content will be removed. Members are encouraged to report any content they consider to be inappropriate. If there is an issue with any content appearing on the website please contact [email protected]

Please ensure that you agree with our Terms and Conditions before submitting items.