AMEE President Trevor Gibbs provides a report on the ESMEA course recently held in the AMEE International Networking Center in Georgia.


In May, 2019 the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) International Networking Center in Georgia was founded at Tbilisi State Medical University was opened. The aim of the Center is to provide medical and healthcare professions teachers with the latest methods of teaching, learning and assessment. The first training course ESME- “Essential Skills in Medical Education”- was successfully held in May 2019.

The second course ESMEA- “Essential Skills in Medical Education - Assessment” was held in October 21-25. Both trainings were led by Prof. Trevor Gibbs, the President of AMEE. The following themes were discussed during 5-days ESMEA training:

Day 1: General principles and basic rules of assessment
Day 2: Electronic and written forms of assessment
Day 3: Assessment of practical and behavioral skills
Day 4: Standard setting
Day 5: Quality assuring assessment

A total of 40 professors from various Georgian Universities participated in the training, 22 of them were TSMU professors and 18 from other Universities: Tbilisi State University, Ilia State University, Tbilisi Open University, Tbilisi Medical Academy, Georgian American University, European University, Akaki Tsereteli State University, BAU International University Batumi, Caucasus International University.

During 2020 the third and fourth ESME courses are planned to be held: RESME – Research Essential Skills in Medical Education and OSTE - Essential Skills in Medical Education in Evaluating the Teacher.