For those interested, videos of the plenaries and symposia together with the abstract book of Ottawa 2016 are now available


Plenary sessions available to view include:

Janke Cohen-Schotanus - Assessment drives learning: How can assessment programmes be used to stimulate learning?

Jane Macnaughton - Compassion and the biomedical gaze: The role of the medical humanities

Victoria Brazil - Goal directed simulation - connecting clinical education with health service outcomes

Andre de Champlain - Peering through the looking glass: How advances in technology, psychometrics and philosophy are altering the assessment landscape in medical education

David Boud - The changing faces of feedback: Challenges to our practice

Suzanne Pitama - Where's Wally? Finding the place of cultural competency in a medical curriculum

A wide range of symposia sessions are available on topics such as:

Use of the OSCE
National Exams
Improving Selection
Assessment in Rural and Remote Locations
Assessment of Professionalism
Becoming Interprofessional
Programmatic Assessment
Patient and Public Involvement in Assessing Competence

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