Medical Teacher continues to be one of the foremost journals covering the subject of health professionals education. As the journal of AMEE and a journal that is distributed to all AMEE members, it is distributed to at least 90 different countries throughout the world.


There are some countries of the world that receive, through different ways, the journal but because of language difficulties it has to be seriously considered as to whether the journal is read or fully understood.

To try and address these issues, and through the collaboration between AMEE and the Sun Yat-sen Zhongshan University Medical School in Guangzhou, PRC, November 2017 saw the launch of the first Chinese version of Medical Teacher. The journal consists of eight papers taken from previous editions of Medical Teacher, and which are deemed relevant to the Chinese medical education system. These are then translated into the Chinese language and are distributed amongst the top medical schools within mainland China. The journal will appear quarterly and for the first year as a hard-copy only. It is hoped that the e-version of the journal will be produced early in 2019. Guest editorials will be sought as well as the possibility of original articles from Chinese authors being included in the future.

AMEE is grateful for the tremendous cooperation of Dr Huang Yingzi, the administrative editor of the journal for all her and her teams help in translation, as well as the support given by Professor Xiao Haipeng (President of the First Affiliated Hospital and Vice President of the Sun Yat-sen University) and Professor Kuang Ming ( Vice-President of the First Affiliated Hospital); without whose support this venture would not have been possible.

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