AMEE GAME Webinar: Identifying the needs for competency-based education in Europe: a needs assessment of cardiologists across 52 countries
If you missed the webinar you can view the recording by clicking on the link below.


Multiple specialty societies are now reviewing their educational strategy to better respond to the needs of their members and potential members. Independent needs assessments can be used as a rigorous way to identify perceived and unperceived needs and their underlying causalities within an organisation. The European Society of Cardiology (ESC), representing over 80, 000 cardiology professionals from 56 national cardiac societies across Europe, has engaged in an improvement process of their educational strategy in order to become recognised in the area of continuing professional development and performance improvement. The ESC has recently been conducting an organisational needs assessment using a mixed-methods approach (combining qualitative and quantitative data from multiple stakeholders) with the objective to understand how the ESC offerings should evolve to better respond to the identified needs of their members. Aim: • Understand how needs assessments can be used by professional societies to evolve their educational offerings • Describe how organisational needs assessments can be powerful strategic tools for professional organisations and national societies

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