The AMEE Office has been advised that a journal titled the, Journal of Modern Education Reviews, has offered dubious publication requests to some AMEE 2012 conference attendees.


The AMEE Office has been advised by two AMEE 2012 participants that they have been approached by the Journal of Modern Education Reviews offering to publish a paper they presented at AMEE 2012.

The approach appeared to be plausible. However, once ‘accepted’ following a dubious peer review process, authors are asked to pay page charges which were not previously disclosed. On further investigation it appears this is a scam involving a number of journals across the different professions and the journal does not exist on Thomson Reuters Master Journal List although it does have a website. We therefore advise extreme caution if unsolicited offers to publish are received.

As a precaution the AMEE Office has removed all author email addresses from the Abstract Book online at ( and have uploaded a revised version. The online Conference Programme is temporarily unavailable and a new version will be uploaded next week.