The AMEE Simulation Committee co-chair Kristian Krogh provides a report of another successful meeting of the Simulation Journal Club at the AMEE 2019 meeting in Vienna this year.


At AMEE 2019 the Simulation Committee once again had the pleasure to host the Simulation Journal Club.

The purpose of the Journal Club is twofold. Firstly it is intended to allow for the conference participants to get a quick update on the most recent literature regarding the use of simulation in health sciences education, by presenting a variety of papers that have or it is believed will have an impact on simulation as an educational modality.

This year AMEE’s Simulation Committee chose the following four papers:
Seelandt JC, Grande B, Kriech S, Kolbe M. DE-CODE: a coding scheme for assessing debriefing interactionsBMJ Simul Technol Enhanc Learn.

Crimmins AC, Wong AH, Bonz JW, et al. “To Err Is Human” but Disclosure Must be TaughtSimul Healthc J Soc Simul Healthc.

Josey K, Smith ML, Kayani AS, et al. Hospitals with more-active participation in conducting standardized in-situ mock codes have improved survival after in-hospital cardiopulmonary arrestResuscitation.  

Purdy E, Alexander C, Caughley M, Bassett S, Brazil V. Identifying and transmitting the culture of emergency medicine through simulationAEM Educ Train.

Three of the four papers were presented by the authors, either in person or through video presentation and video conferencing, giving the Journal Club participants an opportunity to interact with the authors to ask questions and engage in a discussion. One paper was presented by a Leizl Joy Nayahangan, Simulation Committee member.
As mentioned the purpose of the Simulation Journal Club is twofold. The second part is to celebrate and acknowledge the research that is being done within our field. As such the Journal Club participants have the opportunity to vote for the Premier Paper on Simulation in Medical Education 2019.

And the prize this year went to:
Crimmins AC, Wong AH, Bonz JW, et al.  for their paper “To Err Is Human” but Disclosure Must be Taught.
With the prize came a €1000 award from the Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation (CAMES).
We are looking forward to being seeing you next year.